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Through her psychic abilities & soul connections, Beatrix has helped many people to energize struggling careers, bring passion back to failing relationships, move past toxic relationships, find relief from illness and chronic pain, and reconnect with loved ones who have moved on.

Did you know that by going beyond, it’s possible to motivate your body to let go of its physical pain? Have you ever thought of the body – mind – soul connection in this context? You may not have thought to seek out a psychic for your physical or ongoing pain. Sometimes we just fail to see the connection between what we are unconsciously holding onto emotionally and how it is stored in our bodies.

Become fully present to your body-mind-soul connection and use it as an opportunity to begin your healing journey. Release the pain, heal, and open to new and lighter ways of feeling and being in the world. With Psychic Medium Beatrix’s support, you can uncover forgotten memories or withheld emotions.

"I love Beatrix. She is a gifted, heart centred, intuitive being of light. Her channeled messages are delivered with love, kindness and accuracy. Our time together has provided me with so much insight and with her guidance has deepened my appreciation for the journey I am on. The information she shared with me has given me perspective, direction and hope on current events in my life. I would highly recommend anyone to experience the
endless magic that Beatrix has to offer."

- Lisa XO

"I live in Europe and at first I was sceptical how an energy healing session could work over the telephone. I even had to hold the phone to my ear, since the speaker did not work. Despite my scepticism, it was amazing, it really worked. I sat on the sofa with the phone in my hand, relaxed as well as I could with a phone in my hand and my eyes closed. After I received my reading, Beatrix helped me work through the past life story and we clarified a few more issues. She gave me a very hands on easy to follow worksheet guideline, which I had to do straight after. I did as I was told and yes ….. It is difficult to describe, but afterwards I felt easier, lighter, freer and I truly feel back on track. I look forward to my next phone session with you Beatrix, thank you!"

- CB, Vienna, Austria

"Thanks to Beatrix, the digestive concern with our horse was able to sort itself out. Within a week we could see a difference, which continued to improve. She was also able to connect with neck issues that we ourselves were not aware of."

- D.P. Toronto

"Having a business with 20 plus employees is busy and brings in many different energies.
Not just from the staff, the many customers bring in energies as well.
Beatrix Has been instrumental, in helping us with contracts, negotiations, creating situations more favorable to having a well balanced contract for both parties involved. Also helping us to know that sometimes it maybe better to let a contract go, in place of creating a contract that may bring toxicity to our company.
With staff as well, knowing whether a person would be beneficial or our company, and also handling situations with concerns from the staff and how to handle them.
This not only removed so much stress from situations, and incidents, it actually turned some of the situations around for us and helped us know where to grow as an individual and a company, as companies have energy as well."

- With many thanks, TFLC

"Beatrix is excellent on a personal level and she also has a great business side to her. As small business owners we have had our challenges and it is tough sometimes to sort out what the next steps may be. Beatrix gave us some insight, it helped us make better business decisions for the next steps. We felt that we could make some better-educated decisions based on Beatrix's connection with the source.
Beatrix helped us mentally to stay sane. She helped us to work through this. Our experience with Beatrix and what she is capable of has helped us on a personal level and on a business level immensely. If you have business challenges that are beyond your control, are overwhelmed and if you don't see the forest through the trees, we recommend getting a hold of Beatrix. She is a caring professional and has a great way to deliver the message you need to hear kindly and timely. It may not always be what you want to hear but it sure helped us in our business decision making. We trust Beatrix 100% on keeping conversations confidential.

Thank-you Beatrix, for all your help."
- Sincerely, JVL

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